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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Six ingredients necessary for the Çamino and one more

Albergue in Tosantos (where we saw the "six ingredients")
1.  Silence - listen to nature around you and to your inner self
2.  Don´t hurry
3.  Be alone
4.  Effort-let´s not make it comfortable
5. It is good to feel hunger and thirst-domination of the spirit over the physical
6.  Gratuity-Awareness of all things that are free-sunshine, smiles, friendship.  Some albergues are religious base, and ask only for donations, rather than a specific charge

Bonus-Roman Art-Enjoy the 8th-10th century Roman architecture.  Realize that overzealous cleaning can remove the essence of history contained in the ancient roads, walls, buildings, etc. 

This list was posted in Spanish in an old albergue run by a religious order, written by a priest who passed through here on the Camino many years ago.  The man in charge was a very kindly soft spoken man of God volunteer from Belgium who tended to my feet when he heard about the pain i was suffering.  I was truly moved with his compassion , and when we left the following am, I said, ´"we´ll be talking about you all day"
He laughed and replied "remember the rule of silence"


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