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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Leon street

The streets come alive at night

Leon cathedral is spectacular (this doesn't do it justice)

A few too many guideposts?

We´re in Leon now, and luxuriating in a pension with our own room and bath- in the room, no less! And they have a computer with a USB port. And it´s pretty fast! What´s not to like? There´s been little walkinig today, as we took the bus into Leon to bypass the 11 miles of walking alongside the highway. It didn´t sound at all appealing and we wanted to give our feet a bit of a rest anyway. It´s been wonderful to wear Crocs all day instead of our walking shoes. The weather is gorgeous and Leon is beautiful. The cathedral is reputed to be the loveliest in Spain with 125 large stained glass windows filling the already stunning space with light and color. It truly is a wonder to behold. I´ve inserted a photo, although maybe if you Google it you will get a better idea of what it´s like. It´s called the Santa Maria Cathedral.
                                          Jed shares the road with a bicycle
                                          This humble grocery store was only open for 2 hours each afternoon. We loved the friendly proprietor, who treated us to some olives as we shopped for groceries- prosciutto, olives, baguette, pears, and chocolate. Great picnic fare for the road.
The best stork sighting of the trip. You can see 2 nests and 6 storks. The one on the left is carrying our new grandson.

Our German friends, Marco and Berndt, hanging their wash out to dry (part of a Pilgrim´s daily routine)

                           Jed´s feet got lots of attention from Emil and Johannes at the albergue

                                          Leaving town and trudging up the hill to the meseta

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  1. Hello Layne and Jed:

    We have enjoyed following your trip since we got home. Glad that your feet are doing better. Congratulations on passing the halfway mark. Your photos on this post are wonderful, really gives us a feel for your daily activities. Good luck for now, looking forward to seeing you on your return. Janet and Max