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Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is a map of the route we will be taking. Jed and I have our backpacks ready, weighing in at about 14 pounds each, including sleeping bags. It is recommended that you carry no more than 10% of your body weight, so it requires some careful planning in order to have what you need but nothing more. I cut my hair to 3/4"with the electric buzzcutter and Jed is threatening to shave his head. I hope he doesn't get that drastic, but who am I to talk? Mine is pretty darn short. Jed likes the idea of doing the entire trip without cars, including going to and from the airport. Thus the plan on Tuesday, April 5 is to walk from our house about a mile to the bus stop, then take the bus downtown and the light rail to the airport. We will fly to Toulouse, France and spend one night there before taking the train to St. Jean Pied de Port, with a brief stop in Bayonne. St Jean is a traditional starting point for this leg of the Camino, and there is an office where we can pick up our "Camino passports". And then we start walking.....


  1. I am awed by your coming adventure. I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. aye, aye, aye.... sounds SO exciting ! you are going to have a fabulous time... what an adventure 1

  3. Speaking of being awed, you guys are truly awesome!