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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anticipating Easter

Our favorite church (in Fromista)

Jed balances 2 coffees and a goodie

Camino waypost

Shepherd and flock

One of our very favorite albergues
Day 16 of the camino.....tomorrow is Easter and that´s a really big deal in these parts. Not to sound too sacreligious, but we were concerned about finding stores and cafes closed, so I just returned from the only little grocery store I could find with our provisions. Got olives (love those Spanish olives!), cheese, peanuts, chocolate bar, an apple and an orange. We´re pretty sure we can score a baguette in the morning.

Today´s walk was almost flat, and not too difficult (17 miles), so we took it easy and stopped for coffee and "refrescos" in little villages along the way. We also saw a wonderful little 11th century church, our favorite of the dozens we´ve seen thus far. Many stork sightings too- they build enormous nests atop the bell towers of many churches. Jed is still nursing blisters, I´m pretty sure I´m done with that (I can only hope!) We hope Jed is in recovery mode by tomorrow. Many miles yet to go! Tomorrow we should achieve the mid point of our walk- about 250 miles.

Gotta go. 2 minutes on the clock., and people waiting for the computer.

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