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Monday, April 18, 2011


Old man in Granon

Our sleeping quarters in Granon

Communal dinner in Granon

A modern albergue the night before 

approaching town

I guess you could say we are procrastinating resuming the walk, as we are still suffering from blisters and sore feet. We had lunch and a coffee, hit the bank machine, and now found an internet cafe. We only have 5 mies to go to reach our destination, but each step is painful. We are maintaining our 15 mile a day minimum, and all is going reasonably well (except the feet). Last night we stayed in the abbey part of an old (still active) church. We slept on the floor on mats, and had a communal dinner with about 25 other pilgrims. Jed and I both slept very well, surprisingly.

The terrain has changed from vineyards to wheat fields. We are also out of Basque country, so all signs are now in Spanish. The weather is still just glorious, mostly clear and warm but not too hot. We start out with jackets and strip down to shorts and t shirts by the afternoon. We´re trying to be diligent with the hats and sunscreen.

We are finding that some of the pilgrims-espicially solo walkers- have some pretty heavy reasons for doing the walk. Divorce, marital problems, career changes, death of loved ones, etc. It´s sad to hear their stories and we hope they find what they´re looking for on the Camino. Sometimes we feel a bit shallow to be doing this just for the exercise and the experience.

Again, no possibilities for posting photos from this computer, so I think I´ll wrap this up and we´ll drag our sorry asses back to the road.  BTW, there are huge storks  in huge nests at the top of the cathedral. So cool!

Buen Camino!

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  1. Storks you say? .....It must be a sign :) Love the posts and the little guy is enjoying hearing about your adventure too.