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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In the next day or two, Layne plans to describe the beginning of our Portugal interlude and a couple of amazing days in Porto, but I thought of a couple of things worth mentioning before we wrap up the Camino de Santiago;
Finisterre-end of earth-is at the coast of Spain, about 60 miles beyond the official end of the Camino, and a few pilgrims weºve met have gone on to Finisterre.  The story I read is that St John (Santiago)was sent there to preach to the strange native pagans at the end of the world.  He then went back to Jerusalem, where he was beheaded by King Herod in 44 AD.  One story has the virgin Mary bringing his body (bones) back to Finisterre, where politics and religion each played a part in the ensuing battles that required them to move inland to Santiago, where his bones were interred. 
The next story is about our plans for continuing on from Santiago after completing the walk.  We decided no need to have two full backpacks to lug around for a couple of weeks, so consolidated essentials in mine and packed the remainder in Layneºs, then off to the very crowded Post Office to send it home.  After a long wait in line, our number was called and we managed to explain that we wanted to send the pack home.  The lady found and altered a cardboard box and packed it away with lots of tape, then address label.  Just before paying, I asked Layne about our return airline ticket information.  Her face turned kind of white, and I then had to inform the lady that we needed to unpack the whole thing.  She responded with better humor than I expected as she repeated the packing process after we retrieved the tickets.  We kept our heads down as we exited the Post Office to avoid the scornful looks of the dozens of people waiting in line. 

Porto house

Porto view over the rooftops of Vila Nove de Gaio

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